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File Manipulation

EasyMockup use excel like mechanism to handle files. Each file is combined of multiple sheets, one sheet is actually an editable canvas. And you can create links between different sheets for navigations.

We do not use tabs to organize opened files, instead, there is a list with all the editing files inside and you can filter them using keywords, or navigation using simple button clicks.

Sheets of file can be added or removed. But there must be at least one sheet for one file. Copy and paste is availiable cross different sheets. Sheets within one file are organized in tabs,you can easily switch between them.

Sheets can be exported in different formats(.PNG, .JPEG, .JPG, .SVG, .PDF etc). Choose the right option for your needs.

Basic Operation

Create File

Create new file can be done by three ways:

  • Use the menu File -> New.
  • Use the File button on the toolbar.
  • Use the shortcut key strokes <CTRL+N>.
Open File

Open an existed file is done in three ways:

  • Use the menu File -> Open.
  • Use the Open button on the toolbar.
  • Use the shortcut key strokes <CTRL+O>.
Save File

When there are unsaved modifications within a file, s artisk will be on the title of the window to identify. With unsaved file, you can’t exit the application unless you choose to Discard all the modifications. There are two ways to save files:

  • Click the Save button on the toolbar.
  • Use the shortcut <CTRL+S>.
Close File

Closing file will close all the sheets of it.

  • Click the Close button on the right of the toolbar.
  • Warning dialogs may show up to notify the unsaved modifications, if you want to save before exit, click the Save button on the dialog. If not, click the Discard button and keep quiting.

File Navigation

Navigation between files is simple, follow the instructions below.

  • Click the Files button on the right side of the button bar, a list of opened files shows up.
  • File list provides keyword filters on the top, and up/down navigation buttons.
    • Input filter on the line edit with Type to filter as the place holder, then the files with the file name matches the keywords will be left on the list.
    • Use the up and down button to scroll the view if the list is too long (Many opened files).
  • When locate the file you want to edit, double click it.

Recent History

Recent edited files are recored by EasyMockup for easy locating.

  • File -> Recent Files, the last 5 edited files are listed.
  • Choose the file and single click, then the file will be opened.

Sheets Manipulation

Create Sheets

New sheets can be added to the file in three ways:

  • Use the menu File -> New Sheet.
  • Use the shortcut key stroke <SHIFT+N>.
  • Click the button + on the left side of the bottom bar.
Switch Sheets
Sheets are organized in tabs. The tabs are located on the left side of the bottom bar. Simple click each tab to switch.
Remove Sheets
Sheets can be removed in only one way, which is using the - button on the left side of the bottom bar, right next to the +. Removal of sheets can not be undo, a dialog will show up for confirmation during the procedure, so please be sure when you click the Yes button.

Export and Print


Exporting is performed on the sheet being edited, NOT the file.

  • Use the menu File -> Export.
  • Use the Export button on the toolbar.
  • Use the shortcut keystrokes <CTRL+E>.

Choose the right format(.PNG, .JPEG, .JPG, .SVG, .PDF)for exporting on the popup dilaog.


Printing is also performed on the sheets.

  • Use the menu File -> Print.
  • Use the shortcut keystrokes <CTRL+P>.

Preview is availiable for printing, use the menu File -> Print Preview.