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Presentation is perfectly supported by EasyMockup. Under presentation mode, the mockups is readonly, but you can triggered the links set in the symbols (like button, link, menus, etc.) to simulate the navigation of web pages, or app screens/views.

Under demo mode, you can go to previous/next sheets, make comments, or even draw lines on the canvas. All tags or marks added to the canvas can be cleared, or hidden when quit the presentation mode.

A mini toolbar is provided on the right bottom conrner of the canvas, and it is an auto-hide sprite with semi-transparent color when no focus on it.


In order to communicate on the mockups, comments with fonts in red color can be added to the presentation canvas.

  • Double click on the canvas, an input indicator is shown to identify the edit focus.
  • Use key strokes to input some text as comment.
  • Click somewhere else beyond the text edit to quit commenting.

Comments can be dragged around the canvas.

Sketch Lines

Bold, Red colored lines can be added to the canvas to help expressing.

  • With the cursor over the canvas, press the Left mouse button.
  • With the left mouse button pressed, drag the mouse around the canvas, a sketch, bold, red colored line will be drawn along the track of the mouse.
  • Release the left button of the mouse, the sketched line is done.

Clear Canvas

The red colored comments, lines added to the canvas will stay. Quit the presentation mode, they are hidden, you re-enter, they show up again. Only when you clear them out by click the Clear button on the mini toolbar.