RecMind is an elegant tool for drawing beautiful, professional mind maps, organization charts, family trees, sitemaps. It supports brain storming and presentation perfectly Please give it a try and download it from here.


With RecMind, you can show up demostration of your work with simple clicks. Comments and sketch pens are supported.

  Task Assignment

Task information can be assigned to topics, use RecMind to schedule your job.


Several layout styles can be applied to the topics, tree,mind map, logic, etc.


Topics nodes support different shape types, rectangle, triangle, ellipse, etc.


Custom Notes can be attached to topics, so you can record things using topics.

  Property Tools

Powerful property editor, collapsible, smart, handy, always knows what you want to do.

  Drag to Move

Simple drag to move topics around to re-order and reparent, automatically locating.


All lines connect topics are fully customizable, the ends, the patterns, the colors, etc.


The border, background, text of the topics are all customizable, predefined styles are provided.

  Organization Chart

You can draw organization chart easy with simple clicks or some key strokes.

  Set Icons

Topics can be set with multiple icons from the library, which should be big enough for you.

  Attche Files

Files can be attached to topics with simple clicks, is ready to be opened directly from RecMind.


Supports links to topics in different sheets, outer web url, even email address.


Topics can be grouped to form logical concepts, and group can be contained within another group.

New stuff in Release 1.2

1. New flat quick styles for topic nodes, so there are two styles(flat, classic) in total. 
2. Canvas background is colorable, not just texture. 
3. New theme for property editors. 
4. Some bugs fixed.