RecMind Support Documents.

RecMind is quite intuitive to get started. You can checkout the online tuturial documents for RecMind v1.2 here. The downloable PDF version for the documents will be availiable very soon. If you still don't have an installed instance of RecMind, you can download it here.

Q.What is RecMind? ^Top^
RecMind is a handy mind mapping tool, with professional features to speed up your job.
Q.Which platforms does RecMind run on? ^Top^
RecMind supports Windows series (2000/xp/vista/7/8), Mac OS (10.8.0+), Linux version on the plan.
Q.Does RecMind rely on something like JVM? ^Top^
No. RecMind is compiled into native binary codes, it does not rely on any VIRTUAL MACHINE like environment to run.
Q.Does RecMind export PDF? ^Top^
Yes. RecMind can export sheets to PDF, PNG, JEPG/JPG,SVG files.
Q.What is a "Sheet" in RecMind? ^Top^
Sheet is something like the concept in MS Excel. File is constructed by multiple sheets, sheet is actually a single canvas for mind mapping.
Q.Does RecMind support links? ^Top^
Yes. RecMind links topics to a outer web url, or a topic in the same or different sheet, or an email address. Link on a topic can be triggered with a simple click.

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