EasyMockup is a light weight, smart, easy to use mockup app. You can draw beautiful mockups for mobile apps,desktop apps and web apps in minutes. Please give it a try and download it from here.

  Property Tools

Comes with handy property edit toolbar, smart, always knows what you want.

  Plenty Stencils

About 60+ symbols for mockup, ready for web apps, mobile apps, even desktop apps.

  Font Icons

Buttons can be set with font icons, and the size is automatically scalable.


Support links for buttons, button bar, hyperlinks, etc. Links are connected to sheets, outer web url, even pages in page stacks.


Supports presentation with handy tools, comments, pencil drawing, etc.

  Background Styles

The canvas is customizable, different pattern or colors can be used to render the background.

  Page Stack

Powerful Page Stack, supports simulating of navigation between web pages, app screens with simple clicks.

  Wireframe & Sketch

Supports wireframe and sketch styles, symbols can be rendered with different mode.

  Quick View

You can browse the whole mockup canvas via the Quick View, you can draw the red rectangle to move the view screen.

New stuff in Release 1.1

1. Snap to grid/Free to resize support added

2. Create sheet by clone the current one

3. Sketchy style enhanced.

4. Content edit shortcut added

5. Text strike out support added

6. Some bugs fixed.