Purchase Processing.

(Only for Windows, for Mac OS please visit the iTunes Store to make the payment.)

Purchase is processed by PayPal, they are secure and instant. You payment is handled immediately, and you will receive an activation code. Please check inbox/spam of the email address you provided in the checkout form.

One License, 2 instances, free upgrading, Only 19.95 $.

You can check out the features of EasyMockup here.

We strongly recommend that you try EasyMockup before purchasing, to ensure that it meets your needs. EasyMockup standard version is free to download and will run in trial mode until a commercial license is purchased and the product is activated. You can have 2 instances of EasyMockup with one license fee, for example, your PC workstation and laptop. When the payment is transfered, the activate code will be sent to you by email. If you don't receive one, please check your spam and contact us.

Notes:After the payment is handled correctly and the activation code is received, you can follow these instructions to active your installed instance of EasyMockup.

Activation instructions:

These instructions work for Windows

1. Start EasyMockup.

2. The "Activation Notification" dialog will show up, then click the "Activate" button.

3. The "Activation" dialog will show up.

4. Follow the instructions listed on the dialog and fill up the form. 

  • The "Activate code" is the one you received in your payment email, it is a sequence of characters.
  • The "Password" is the code you choose to identify this activation, you can choose any string you want.
  • The "Email" is your email address for later contact.

Then click the "Activate" button, the activation procedure is started. It requires a network connection, and may takes 1 or 2 minutes depending on the network status.

If the activation is done successfully, a message dialog will show up, close it and then enjoy the a nice trip with EasyMockup. In case of any error happens, please contact us.

Notes: Please feel free to contact our sales. We are happy to hear from you and we will response your request within 48 hours. Response will be sent to the email address you fill in the following form, so please make sure it is right, and check the spam-just in case.^^

Q.Does EasyMockup need a license key to run? ^Top^
No and Yes. After downloaded and installed, EasyMockup can be run under Trial mode. It means different things for Windows and for Mac OS. For Windows, EasyMockup will be evaluated for 15 days before it expires. After that, you have to purchase a license key to activate it before you can keep using. For Mac OS, EasyMockup will run forever with "Save" function limited until a valid license key is purchased and the instance is activated.
Q.Does upgrading require extra fee? ^Top^
No. License fee for a life time. That means, you can upgrade to any new version of EasyMockup if you ever purchase a license.
Q.How was the license key delivered? ^Top^
The license key will be sent to your email address you provided when filled up the payment form after the purchase is done successfully.
Q.I did not receive any codes. ^Top^
Please check the spam of your email. If you still don't find it, please contact us via email.